Get SLA Policy

Gets the details of a service level agreement policy.


  1. Sample responses for response time, resolution breach time, resolution remainders, and response remainders use seconds format.
  2. SLA Polices are valid only for incident and service request ticket types.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId or mspId of the tenant

  • ticketTypestringrequired

    Supported ticket type

  • idstringrequired

    Unique Identifier (UUID) of sla policy


  • idinteger

  • namestring

  • timezoneobject

  • businessScheduleobject

  • requestTypestring

  • withinBussinessHoursboolean

  • activeboolean

  • prioritystring

  • createdDatestring

  • updatedDatestring

  • responseBreachTimeinteger

  • resolutionBreachTimeinteger

  • responseRemindersarray

  • resolutionRemindersarray

  • createdByobject

  • updatedByobject

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