Update Tickets with Actions

Update ticket to Close or Reset Values.


  • Users are recommended to reset values which are not mandatory ticket attributes.
  • In case any mandatory field is tried to reset, the ticket update will fail.
  • Urgency and Business impact fields are only for ticket type incidents.
  • User needs to use a different schema for ticket close action

Path Parameters

  • ticketEntitystringrequired

    Supported service desk entity.These are case sensitive.

  • ticketIdstringrequired

    Unique Identifier (UUID) for incidents,service requests,problem universall called as tickets

  • actionsstringrequired

    Supported action

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Request Body


This endpoint accepts oneOf the following:



    • reasonstring

    • notesstring

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    This endpoint accepts anyOf the following:


    • statusstringrequired

    • messagestringrequired


    • idstring

    • subjectstring

      Ticket subject.

    • descriptionstring

      Ticket description.

    • alertIdsarray of strings

      The list of alert ids attached to the incident.

    • allowedStatusarray

    • assignedUserobject

    • assigneeGroupobject

    • attachedArticlesarray

    • attachedRequestsarray

      Attach service requests to an incident. Use the search service requests to get list of service requests in a client.

    • attachmentsarray

      Attach files related to the change request. Convert attachment files to byte stream with base64-encoding. The file size limit of an attachment is 50 MB.

    • businessImpactobject

      Incident ticket type attributes

    • categoryobject

      Add the change request under a category. Use the get API to get the list of categories.

    • ccstring

      Cc email.

    • changePlanstring

      Description of the change plan.

    • changeTypestring

      Normal or Emergency depending on the Priority of a change request. For example, create a change type Emergency for change requests that must be processed immediately or if Priority of a request is High.

    • changeRequestobject

      Attach a problem or change request related to the incident. Only a single change request or problem can be attached to an incident.

    • channelIdstring

    • clientobject

    • closedsummarystring

    • createdDatestring

    • createdUserobject

    • customFieldsarray

    • dueDatestring

      Due date for incident type tickets.

    • extTicketIdstring

      Attach third party ticket ID.

    • knowledgeArticleIdsarray of strings

      Attach knowledge base articles related to the change request for further reference. To get a knowledge base article ID: 1. Log into OpsRamp. 2. Click Knowledge Base. 3. Select the required article and then copy the article ID. 4. Provide the article ID in "knowledgeArticleIds" field. Example: "knowledgeArticleIds": 25, 16.

    • locationstring

    • notesstring

    • oldPrioritystring

    • oldStatusstring

    • parentIdstring

      Attach incident. Provide the incident ID as an attachment.

    • participantUsersarray

    • plannedEndstring

    • plannedStartstring

    • policyobject

    • prioritystring

      Ticket priority with supported priority values: Low, Normal, High, Urgent, and Very Low.

    • priorityUpdatedByobject

    • priorityUpdatedDatestring

    • problemobject

      Attach a problem or change request related to the incident. Only a single change request or problem can be attached to an incident.

    • reOpenCountinteger

    • requesterobject

    • resolutionsummarystring

    • resolveDatestring

    • resourcesarray

    • rollbackPlanstring

      Description of roll back plan.

    • scheduleobject

      Time bound tickets schedule.

    • serviceRestoreDatestring

    • slaDetailsobject

    • sourcestring

    • sourceEntityTypestring

    • sourceEntityTypeIdstring

    • sourcePolicyTypestring

    • sourcePolicyTypeIdstring

    • statusstring

    • statusFlowarray

    • statusUpdatedByobject

    • statusUpdatedDatestring

    • subCategoryobject

      Add the change request under a sub-category. Use get categories to get the list of sub-categories.

    • tagsstring

    • testPlanstring

      Description of test plan.

    • ticketArisedTimestring

    • toEmailstring

      Email address of the user. An email notification is sent to the user.

    • updatedDatestring

    • urgencyobject

    • workEndstring

    • workStartstring

    • notifyRosterobject

      Roster defined for incident ticket type only

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