Get Agent Package Details

Gets the details of agent package names.

This endpoint is usually followed by an API call to download agent.Response JSON payload contains package name, package size, package checksum based on the platform on which agent gets installed.

Sample URLs

  1. To query windows exe packageName use {baseurl}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/agents/windows/info?distName=WindowsEXE&architecture=i386
  2. To query windows msi packageName use {baseurl}/api/v2/tenants/{tenantId}/agents/windows/info?distName=WindowsMSI&architecture=i386
  3. To query linux packageName use {baseurl}/api/v2/tenants/{clientId}/agents/LINUX/info?distName=ubuntu&architecture=amd64
  4. To query freebsd msi packageName use {baseurl}/api/v2/tenants/{clientId}/agents/LINUX/info?distName=freebsd10&architecture=amd64

Supported os architectures ( used in query parameter "architecture" )

  1. 64-bit and 32-bit operating system architectures.
  2. For Ubuntu distributions, use amd64 (64-bit) or i686 (32-bit).
  3. For all other distributions including windows, use x86_64 (64-bit) or i386 (32-bit).
  4. For freebsd10, freebsd11 and freebsd12 use amd64 only.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the uuid of the tenant

  • platformstringrequired

    Operating system on which you want to deploy the agent


Query Parameters

  • distNamestringrequired

    Distribution name of the operating system on which you want to deploy the agent. For windows platform use WindowsEXE,WindowsMSI

  • architecturestringrequired

    Supported os architectures. Please see the above descriptions



  • namestring

    Name of the Agent package which is available for deployment.

  • versionstring

  • sizeinteger

  • checksumType string

    Checksum type

  • checksumstring

    checksum value

  • generationstring

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