Create Ticket Categories

Creates categories for all types of ticket entities.


  • Timebound and Task types doesn't support any categories.
  • Creating categories and sub-categories helps organize identical change requests.
    • This provides clarity and access to granularity of data. For example, a network category could help track how many network-related change requests are triggered in a week.'

Path Parameters

  • ticketEntitystringrequired

    Supported service desk entity.These are case sensitive.

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId or mspId of the tenant

Request Body


  • namesarray of stringsrequired

    Unique name for category. A category would be identified with this name.

  • descriptionsarray of strings

    Category descriptions

  • parentCategoryobject

    Create a child category under a parent category. This field is mandatory while creating a subcategory. Use the get categories API to get parent categories of the change request entity type. (A child category is always specific to a parent category.)

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  • uniqueIdstring

  • namestring

  • descriptionstring

  • createdByobject

  • updatedByobject

  • createdDatestring

  • updatedDatestring

  • parentCategoryobject

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