Download Linux Agent Installation Script

Downloads the Linux agent installation script.

This payload has the octet-stream of the deployment script.

Prescribed headers:

  1. Content-Type: application/octet-stream
  2. Accept : application/octet-stream

Example urls:

  1. https://server/api/v2/tenants/client_id/agents/deployAgentsScript?scriptType=SHELL
  2. https://server/api/v2/tenants/client_id/agents/deployAgentsScript?scriptType=PYTHON
  3. https://server/api/v2/tenants/client_id/agents/deployAgentsScript?scriptType=ANSIBLE
  4. Default scriptType = SHELL i..e https://server/api/v2/tenants/client_14/agents/deployAgentsScript
  5. Values are case insensitive supports (SHELL or shell ,ANSIBLE or ansible)

Response payload:

Consists of the octet-stream of the queried script.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    ClientId of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • scriptTypestring

    The type of the script to be downloaded(Shell or Python)


    Default: shell



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