Get KB Templates List

Gets the list of KB templates.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the client ID or msp ID of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • categoryIdstring

    Name of the knowledge base category.

  • subjectstring

    Defines the subject of the knowledge base article.

  • contentstring

    Defines the content of the article.

  • statestring

    Defines the published status of the article. Example: PUBLISH, DRAFT

  • attachmentsstring

    Defines the details of attachments of the article.

  • expiryDatestring

    Defines the expiry date of the article. Date format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ. Example: 2019-07-07T09:19:47 0000 (GMT)

  • linkedArticlesstring

    Defines the list of linked articles of the article.

  • pageNointeger

  • pageSizeinteger


  • resultobject

    Name of the knowledge base category.

  • totalResultsinteger

  • orderBystring

  • pageNointeger

  • pageSizeinteger

  • totalPagesinteger

  • nextPageboolean

  • previousPageNointeger

  • descendingOrderboolean

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