Create a Process Workflow Automation

Create a Process Workflow Automation

Path Parameters

  • tenant_idstringrequired

    clientId of the tenant

Request Body


  • namestring

    Represents the name of the created process workflow.

  • createdDatestring

    Create date of the process workflow

  • createdBystring

    Creator of the process workflow

  • updatedDatestring

    Last update on

  • updatedBystring

    last updated by

  • descriptionstring

    Details of the purpose ofthe workflow

  • enabledboolean

    This indicates if the process is enabled for execution or not.

  • variablesarray

    Associated variable details.

  • startEvents

    This list contains process start events. The process can be started by a platform event (SIGNAL) or a timer. Valid values for eventOperation is CREATED, UPDATED

  • activitiesarray

    This list contains activities to perform when the process is started. The supported tasks are SERVICE_TASK and SEND_MESSAGE_TASK. For the service task, the server input and output are defined by the service. The "input map" of Service Task is about how to map process variables to the service input and "output map" is about how to map the service output to process variables.

  • endEventsarray

    Ending events process details.

  • gatewaysarray

    This list has decision flows termed as gateways. There are two types of gateway - Exclusive gateway and Parallel gateway. Exclusive gateway is the decision point in the flow and parallel gateway creates parallel flows. Exclustive gateway has property "defaultSequenceFlow" to indicate the default outgoing flow.

  • sequenceFlowsarray

    This list contains sequence flow. Sequence flow links all process elements. It has "source" and "target", and optional "conditionExpression" attribute. The condition expression is typically used along with exclusive gateway(Decision flows) to direct the outgoing flow.

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  • uniqueIdstring

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