Get KB Category Lists

Gets list of knowledge base categories.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the client ID or msp ID of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • statestring

    Defines the current state of the category. Example: ACTIVE, INACTIVE.

  • clientIdstring

    Defines the ID of the client and is used in Partner login.

  • isParentboolean

    Defines the list of parent categories. If selected TRUE, only parent categories are listed.

  • pageNointeger

    Default: 1

  • pageSizeinteger

    Default: 20

  • sortNamestring

    Default: id

  • isDescendingOrderboolean


  • resultsarray

  • totalResultsinteger

  • orderBystring

  • pageNointeger

  • pageSizeinteger

  • totalPagesinteger

  • nextPageboolean

  • previousPageNointeger

  • descendingOrderboolean

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