Agent Auto-Updates

Post request to auto-update resources to latest Agent version.

Details on executing the endpoint


  • This request enables to post request for auto-update resources to the latest version of agent.
  • The request is asynchronous to scale for bulk operations.
  • User can perform
    • Bulk request to auto-update all resources within scope.
    • Selected resources to have the auto-update.
  • User needs to
    • Query and check for resources with agent version for successful update.
  • Supported conditions in filterCriteria
    • IN : Includes all of the listed resources in csv
    • commas separate value (csv) refers as AND : "condition-1,condition-2" refers to condition-1 AND condition-2

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the uuid of the tenant

Request Body


  • filterCriteriastring

    Describes the conditional filtered resource's agent auto-update

  • updatestring

    Option to not allow agent auto-update

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