Restore KB Categories

Gets a knowledge base category from trash.

Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the client ID or msp ID of the tenant

  • categoryIdstringrequired

    Specifies the unique category identifier in the knowledge base


  • idstring

  • namestring

    Name of the knowledge base category.

  • pathstring

  • statestring

  • createdByobject

  • updatedByobject

  • createdDatestring

  • updatedDatestring

  • scopestring

    Defines the scope of the knowledge base category: For a MSP tenant, scope is either PARTNER or CLIENT For a CLIENT tenant, scope is not applicable

  • clientIdsarray of strings

    Defines the list of Client IDs. This is mandatory for a MSP tenant with CLIENT scope.

  • parentCategoryobject

    Defines the parent category.

  • descriptionstring

    Description of the knowledge base category.

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