Get Gateway Configuration Details

Get configuration details of deployed gateway..

  • Base URL : 'https://{gateway-ip}:/v2/gateway'
  • replace {gateway-ip} with actual ip of your deployed gateway

Use the required query parameter to query about Gateway configuration.

Path Parameters

    Query Parameters

    • infostring

      Query string for required config type info.

    • generalInfostring

      Get the generic configuration details.

    • syslogInfostring

      Filter syslog related config.

    • ntpInfostring

      Filter ntp related config.

    • tzInfostring

      Filter time-zone related config.

    • servicesInfostring

      Filter services related config.

    • routesInfostring

      Filter routesInfo related config.


    • generalInfoobject

    • syslogInfoListarray

    • ntpInfoobjectrequired

    • servicesInfoarray

    • routesInfoobject

    • tzInfoobject

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