Get Alert Views

Gets a list of alert views.

Path Parameters

  • userIdstringrequired

    Unique uuid for user

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId or mspId of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • isDescendingOrderboolean

    List preference indicating whether descending order is required.

  • sortNamestring

    Unique ID allotted to a view when an alert view is created.

    Default: id

  • viewTypestring

    Supported values: - All: Provides private and shared alert views of a client. - Private: Provides alerts that are private to the logged-in user. - Shared: Provides alerts that are shared across the client.

    Default: all

  • defaultViewboolean

    Displays the default alert view.


  • idinteger

  • namestring

  • descriptionstring

  • viewTypestring

  • defaultViewboolean

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