Search Device Management Policy

Searches for a device management policy with a policy name.

Path Parameters

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • namestring

    Device management policy name.


  • matchTypestring

    (Optional) The type of match: -To match all the filter conditions, provide matchType: ALL. - To match any one of the filter conditions, provide matchType: ANY.

  • rulesarray

    (Optional) Filter devices with specific attributes: - Attribute name of device. Example: Name, Operating System. Attribute names change with device types. - Matching parameter. Supported operators are: Equals, Contains, Not Contains, Starts with, Ends with, Regex. Learn more about Regex. - Type of resource

  • actionsarray

    - Supported actions - ASSIGN MONITORINGTEMPLATE - ASSIGN KNOWLEDGEARTICLE - Assign Availability Rule - ASSIGN CUSTOMATTRIBUTES - Assign Jobs - ASSIGN CREDENTIALSET - Supported values for items for given action - For Assign Availability Rule , item value is AND - For ASSIGN CUSTOMATTRIBUTES, item value is tagName[value='tagValue'] - For all others this is number in string eg "12345" - Scenarios for Custom attributes item values in response payload - New TagName : New Tag created with given Name and Tag Value, and Assigned. - Id of New Tag Value added to response - Old TagName and New Tag Value : New Tag Value added to Tag and Assigned - Id of New Tag Value added to response. - Old TagName and Old TagValue : Both the details are verfied and Assigned - Id of TagValue added to Response

  • idinteger

  • namestring

    Name of the policy.

  • resourceTypestring

    Type of resource. Example: DEVICE, VOLUME, VPN, XENSERVER

  • executionOrderinteger

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