Create Schedule Maintainence Activity

Creates a different types of recurring maintainence schedule of the client.

Path Parameters

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Request Body


  • uniqueIdstring

  • namestringrequired

  • descriptionstringrequired

  • installPatchboolean

    Install patch during maintenance.

  • dontInstallPatchstring

    Install patch during maintenance

  • runRBAboolean

  • runEscalateActionboolean

    Enable escalation policy

  • dontRunRBAstring

    Enable run book automation

  • correlateAlertsboolean

    Enable correlation during scheduled maintenance.

  • scheduleobjectrequired

  • devicesarray of strings

  • deviceGroupsarray of strings

  • locationsarray of strings

  • alertConditionsobject

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  • uniqueIdstring

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