Create Alert on a Resource

Creates a single alert on a resource of the client.


  • A list of event IDs is generated when alerts are created. This list is valid for 30 days.
  • Use the event IDs to search and get alert details.

Creation of a new resource depends on the following:

  • A new resource is created and new device group, service group, and location are assigned.
  • A new resource is created and existing device group, service group, and location are assigned.
  • An already existing resource cannot be assigned to a new or existing Device Group, Service Group and Location.

Path Parameters

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Request Body


  • uniqueIdstring

    Alert uuid

  • currentStatestringrequired

    Alert current state

  • serviceNamestringrequired

    Alert Metric

  • subjectstringrequired

    Alert Subject

  • appstringrequired

    Event source name which generates alert, For eg External monitoring tool like SCOM

  • descriptionstring

    Alert description details

  • oldStatestring

    Alert previous state from current sta

  • problemAreastring

  • acknowledgedboolean

    Alert akcnowledged

  • suppressedboolean

    Alert suppressed

  • permanentlySuppressedboolean

  • closedboolean

  • ticketedboolean

    Alert has incident created

  • clientUniqueIdstring

    Tenant uuid

  • alertTypestring

    OpsRamp Alerting type

    AgentObsoleteApplianceMonitoringScheduled MaintenanceForecastChange DetectionMONITORINGMaintenance
  • componentstring

    Component from which alert got generated

  • alertTimestring

    Time when alert was generated at source

  • deviceobject

  • resourceobject

    Resource Object details

  • monitorNamestring

    Applied monitor name for monitori

  • repeatCountstring

    Count of the alerts occured with similar state

  • tenantIdnumber

  • statusstring

  • prioritystring

    Alert priority

  • elapsedTimeStringstring

  • createdDatestring

  • updatedTimestring

  • rbaboolean

    Run book automation applied

  • tenantNamestring

  • rtypestring

  • entityTypestring

  • mspNamestring

  • extAlertIdstring

  • managedByOpsRampboolean

  • actedTsnumber

  • metricTimenumber

  • eventTypestring

  • inferenceIdnumber

  • ignoreRecoveryNoiseboolean

  • availabilityboolean

  • snoozeDurationnumber

  • metricstring

  • isRecoveryAlertboolean

  • inferenceAlertboolean

  • statusHistoryobject

    Alert history

  • clientTechnologystring

  • customFieldsarray of strings

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