Create Client

Create client by the provider

Path Parameters

  • partnerIdstringrequired

    Partner Id defined for the tenant

Request Body


  • uniqueIdstring

  • namestringrequired

    Name of the client.

  • activatedboolean

  • updatedTimestring

  • createdTimestring

  • timeZonestringrequired

    Country time zone. Opsramp supports a comprehensive list of timezones. Example: "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles"

  • createdByobject

  • lastUpdatedByobject

  • channelobject

    Channel ID. To get list of available channels, access the Get Channels API.

  • addressstringrequired

    Address of the client.

  • citystring

    City name.

  • statestring

    State name.

  • countrystringrequired

    Name of the country. To view a list of countries, access the Get Countries API.

  • zipstring

    Zip code.

  • phoneNumberstring

    Phone number of client.

  • phoneExtensionstring

    Phone number extension.

  • mobileNumberstring

    Mobile number of client.

  • showCopyClipBoardboolean

    Show Copy to Clipboard.

  • twoFactorAuthenticationboolean

  • duoSecurityobject

  • passwordPolicyobject

  • mspIdstring

  • extOrgIdstring

    External organization ID.

  • rdp2swfStateboolean

    A flag used that if rdp2swfState=true, converts remote console recordings to flash format.

  • enableCLIRecordingboolean

    Set enableCLIRecording=true to enable CLI recording.

  • clientDetailsobject

  • agentPoliciesarray

  • saClientboolean

  • nableClientboolean

  • lpiClientboolean

  • ncareAgentboolean

  • ncareDevsCountinteger

  • noPolicyDevsCountinteger

  • allDevicesCountinteger

  • nocDetailsobject

    NOC details. To get the list of available NOCs, access the Get Tenant NOCs API.

  • whiteListedIpsstring

    IP whitelisting is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users. IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which your users can access your domains. Example: IP addresses can be of the form [172.22.22.*] or a range [172.22.2.{0-50}]

  • resourceDecommissionboolean

    A resource can be decommissioned if you do not wish to manage the resource anymore. A resource moved into decommissioned state is not re-managed. Provide resourceDecommission: true to enable the module for a client. If you do not provide any value, the default value is false.

  • servicesarray

    List of channel services:

  • serviceAccessDetailsarray

    List of Alternate Access Details.

  • internetSPDetailsobject

  • networkArchitecturesobject

  • addOnsarray of strings

    Client specific addOns as provided by OPSRAMP on specific packages Viz "SMS and Voice", "Knowledgebase Management", "OS Service Start/Stop Actions", "Remote Access Management", "Process Automation", "Extended Data Retention", "Mask Resource Identity Management", "Event Enrichment","Adapter Integrations".

  • packagesarray of strings

    Client specific Packages as provided by OPSRAMP i..e Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring", "Event and Incident Management", "Remediation and Automation".

  • idinteger

  • eventEnrichmentboolean

  • resourceAvailabilitySettingsobject

    Availability Settings

  • admissionControlForAgentsobject

    Admission control for agents in Public Cloud

  • enableAppdetectionboolean

    Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping

  • enableSelfMonitoringboolean

    Agent Monitoring Capabilities. This is for client level setting.

  • selfMonitoringFrequencynumber

    Set the agent self monitoring frequency in hrs. Default value is 6 hrs when user enables agent self monitoring. Support value are 1,2,3,6,12 in hrs.

  • remoteAccessManagementobject

    Remote consoles feature settings

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  • idinteger

  • uniqueIdstring

  • namestring

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