Associate Incident to Alert

Associate client's incident with a given alert.

Path Parameters

  • alertIdstringrequired

    Alert unique Identifier

  • incidentIdstringrequired

    Incident unique Identifier

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Request Body


  • statusstring

    The incident status used to check the status of an incident.

  • prioritystring

    The incident priority: low, normal, high, urgent, and very low.

    LowNormalUrgentVery low
  • toEmailstring

    The email address to receive incident notifications.

  • assignedUserobject

    The designated user who is assigned to the incident.

  • customFieldsarray

    User-customized fields that can include additional information about an incident. Use the Get Incident Custom Fields API to get custom fields of an incident.

  • attachmentsarray

    Information related to the incident in base64 encoded format.

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