Get Activity Log of a Time Bound Request

Gets user activities on a time bound request.


Path Parameters

  • tenantIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

  • timeBoundRequestIdstringrequired

    Unique Identifier (UUID) for time bound request

Query Parameters

  • startTsstring

    To get activities performed on a service request within a certain duration, provide the start time and end time. startTs indicates the from date and time. Example: 2018-08-10T05:39:51 0000

    Default: Ticket created time

  • endTsstring

    endTs indicates the to date and time. Example: 2018-08-25T10:20:15 0000

    Default: Current time

  • isDescendingOrderboolean

    To list the data in a descending order (high to low), provide isDescendingOrder: true, otherwise provide false. By default, data is listed in descending order. Example: To arrange data from 30th Oct to 1st Oct, provide isDescendingOrder: true