Get Console Recording Details of Resources

Get console recording of resources for an organization.

Query Variable Allowed Values Description Format / Example
id recording id
clientId client uniqueId client_1
userId user uniqueId USR0000000001
startDate Date range start time 2021-01-05T05:17:58 0000
endDate Date range end time 2021-01-05T05:17:58 0000
resourceId resource uniqueId
ticketId ticket uniqueId INC0000000001
gatewayId gateway profile uniqueId
consoleType RDP,SSH,TELNET protocol
recStatus Open,Completed recording status

Get console recording of resources.

Path Parameters

  • clientIdstringrequired

    Describes the clientId of the tenant

Query Parameters

  • pageNonumber

    queried page

  • pageSizenumber

    size of the query objects

  • queryStringstring