Update Gateway Configurations

This is a new endpoint.

Update the supported configurations changes for deployed gateway.



  • Use the required enum value as {action} and payload format for the update request.
    • registration for registring the Gateway. For eg https://{gateway-ip}:5480/v2/gateway/actions/registration
    • restartAllServices for registring the Gateway. For eg https://{gateway-ip}:5480/v2/gateway/actions/restartAllServices
    • monitService for updating the monitorable gateway services e.g.
    • syslogAdd for adding a syslog configuration.
    • syslogDelete for removing a syslog configuration.
    • syslogReset for resetting to default syslog configuration.
    • ntpSync for NTP service sync.
    • networkSettings for updating Gateway Network settings.
    • dateTime for updating the NTP date time.
    • passwdChange for updating the password.
    • timeZone for updating the Gateway Time-Zone.
    • externalProxy for configuration external proxy for Gateway.
    • staticRoutes for configuring static routes for Gateway.
    • syslogUpdate for updating syslog configurations.
    • ntpUpdate for updating NTP server details.

Path Parameters

  • actionNamestringrequired

    Update gateway config